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Gender Equality   |   Equal Rights
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Gender Equality | Equal Rights
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About Us

Brief history of the organization
TAWEA (Tanzania Wote Equality Alliance) is a registered non-profit, membership organization. It was founded in 2014 by a group of committed local activists to address some of the most pressing social challenges facing vulnerable groups (children, youth, women and disabled people) in the community.

TAWEA has built on this initial vision to focus more broadly on promoting equitable access to socio-economic activities and justice for all. In line with its vision, TAWEA’s programs address gender inequality,  good governance, health promotion, child protection, WASH, economic empowerment, and environmental protection. TAWEA has experience in implementing livelihood project activities for improving the wellbeing of the underprivileged groups in the community.

During the last seven years, TAWEA has proven its ability to work in hard-to-reach areas, reaching the unreached groups, design and implement projects with tangible benefits for the community, and deliver results with minimal cost. The organization has built its success through strong collaboration with local government, NGO networks, and other development stakeholders.

TAWEA’s Activities
1. Promote  equity and equality among children, youth,  women and  people with disabilities in the communities to improve their social and economic status.
2. Amplify the voices of women, girls and children in community  through creating public awareness, workshops and media outlets.
3. Social Accountability Monitoring for water and sanitation, improve service delivery in agricultural sector and human rights among rural communities.
4. Creating awareness on SRHR to young people  in and out of school and women of reproductive age through community agents of change.
5. Improve nutrition education through promoting the use of biofortified crops and organic farming practice by considering Kigoma region is one among five regions in Tanzania with high malnutrition rate of 39% and stunting rate of 42.3% in children.
6. Support women and youth groups to practice organic farming and bio-fortified crops farming for income generation.
7. Conduct mapping incident reporting mechanisms and advocacy services for socio-economic and human rights situation among small farmers in rural community.

Mobile : +255 743 635 763
Email : info@tawea.or.tz
Lumumba Road, Mwanga Kusini
Kilimahewa Street

Gender Equality | Equal Rights
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Email: info@tawea.or.tz taweacollaboration@gmail.com
Tel:+255 743 635 763
Matrole Street, Geita Branch, Tanzania
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