About Us


History of Organization

TAWEA is an activist Non Governmental Organization representing the interests of women, children and youth organizations in Tanzania mainland. It has in place democratic structures and systems providing supreme powers to its members in the General Assembly and stipulates the responsibility of the Board to ensure good governance and diligent financial management. The organization was founded on 24th of April 2011 and registered officially on 7th March, 2014 with registration number ooNGO/00007001 under NGO Act, 2002.

TAWEA is a women and youth organization, it operates in Tanzania mainland. The organization was established with fifteen (15) founder members that were inspired to establish an organization due to the fact that the community had been severely affected by the three national enemies namely ignorance, poverty and diseases. Specifically, the community of Tanzania suffered from ignorance of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), the magnitude of Gender- Based Violence (GBV), Gender inequality and prevalence of extreme poverty among the community members. Therefore, the founders intended to promote women’s human rights, gender balance and improve social welfare services in the community.

Our Vision

Promote women’s and children human rights, gender balance and improve social welfare services in the community

Our Mission

Strengthen and advocate for women and youth movement to access social welfare services and improve community wellbeing